Meet the Nova: a homebirth story

It's been a while....right?

Well, we had the joy of welcoming our beautiful, 9lbs 12oz daughter into the world on September 21st, in our very own home! It was the most impacting and emotional experience of our lives, and we cherish every moment of it.

She decided to take her sweet time, and came right before the 42week mark. We had always planned to put together a birth announcement video after she was born, but after realizing the events and moments we had captured since her due date, we new a little birth story is the only thing that could do justice to the anticipation and excitement we felt along the way- just waiting to meet our daughter.

Our good friend Brooke also captured the whole birth process, as well as the bonding time after birth. We can't thank her enough for the amazing images she was able to create and capture for our family.
We'd love to share the rest with you: AMAZING BIRTH PHOTOS

We also want to thank our AMAZING midwife Kellie Moeller for helping us to have the most incredible birth experience we could possibly imagine. She's going to be a long-time part of this family as it grows.

The rest of the love (and there's a lot of it) goes to our family that supported us along the way. We couldn't have done it without them. We love our families so much, and this experience has done nothing but bring us all even closer together.

Parenthood has been absolutely amazing. You'll probably get more personalized stories from each of us, but for now, we'll stop blabbering on.
- Aaron & Rachel

Here is Nova's birth story that we put together, we hope you enjoy it!

Nova's Birth Story from 31Films on Vimeo.

Special thanks to our friend, Tyler Swanner for the beautiful title work in the video


Lindsay said...

that is the most amazing video ever!!! i wish we had done that for our babies :(

Jet Kaiser said...

Oh man . . .
uh . . .
no words. only tears.

Emily Roller said...

yeah definitely just bawled my eyes out. too soon for me to watch things like this!! :)

absolutely stunning. how cool will it be to watch this every year on her birthday?

Jet Kaiser said...

This piece is truly incredible. Not only was it filled with emotion and creativity, but it demonstrates how lovely you two are as people. Makes me love you two even more. What amazing parents you are and were even before Nova was born. A candlelit bath after the birth...a wonderful first moment for a mother and child. I just love how much this video is in contrast with the "world's" perspective on how a birth is supposed to be. This is a firm jab to all who see birth as a sickness that demands hospitalization, drugs and parental detachment and disengagement. You two are a wonderful encouragement and give hope to all who desire to bring a human into the world in the proper, God-designed way. Nova is one lucky girl. She will bring you much joy and return the favor a hundredfold. Thank you for being awesome.

Mr. Tharpey said...

thank you so much for the love everyone!

Deborah Moore said...

Oh Aaron, this is beautiful! I just cried watching it. She's beautiful. The whole video is amazing. Rachel, you did such an amazing job. Such a beautiful mother. (Can you tell I think everything about this is beautiful?!?!) Thank you so much for sharing this. I hope to have this experience with my next baby...one day. :)

brittany said...

oh my goodness. your video is so absolutely incredibly beautiful! i just came across your little blog and i think you've made me want a home birth someday! congratulations on your beautiful baby :)

Denita said...

This is one of the best birth videos I've ever seen! Simply wonderful!