gâteau au yaourt

I've been reading Bringing up Bebe during nursing sessions with my newborn latel. It's a good read and a really interesting look at the differences between French and American parents. I was most intrigued with how French parents apparently begin baking with their children at a young age. Included in the book is a little recipe for gâteau au yaourt or yogurt cake the recipe uses a 6oz container of yogurt to measure most of the ingredients making it easier for little ones to scoop and pour into the bowl. I thought I'd give it a try with my 21 month old. Baking with a toddler is certainly not for the faint of heart but like with most things concerning my little lady it teaches me some patience. I'm hopeful it will teach her some as well. It was a fun experience for the two of us and I'm excited to watch as her baking skills improve like maybe pouring all the ingredients inside the mixing bowl. :)


This is how we zoo it

Loved seeing the wonder in her eyes for her first trip to the zoo...

Best day...

 - Mr. Tharpey


BIG news for our little lady! We are so incredibly excited...


Viva Nova

We celebrated Nova's first birthday with a fiesta bash with our friends and family!
It was so much fun. Here's what went down...