40 Weeks

i am 40 weeks pregnant and at this point if feels like im going to be pregnant forever! in fact was i ever not pregnant? Baby could be about the size of  a pumpkin. Any guesses on how much she'll weigh? 
im very curious! im thinkin 7 - 7.5 lbs  maybe but who knows?????
We are defintely ready to meet this babe we got our birth kit ready! and the Nursery mostly ready! just want to add a few more decor item before we post the completed pictures.

How far along? 40 weeks

Sleep: Waking up often to switch sides and potty but still getting some solid hours

How am i feeling?: Ready to have a baby!!... i mean as ready as one can be :)

Total Weight Gain: 30 pounds

Food Cravings: sno cones.. when i have this baby im gonna eat 100 of them! 

Gender: GIRL!!

What i'm looking forward to: i can wait to meet this little person inside me its a crazy feeling its like im use to being pregnant and having this little something poke and respond... But to actually meet her? and see her face? wow.

Best moment this week: There is a real SUPER NOVA in the sky right now its the closest and brightest in over 25 years. And is supposed to have reached its peak sometime between the 9th and 12th (today!) :) so that is pretty amazing!! Still not sure if baby star will decide to make her debut tonight but how crazy cool would that be?

You can read a little something about the Super Nova ->Here 

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