30 Weeks

Well 30weeks + 4 Days
Thats like um 10 weeks till my due date...... CRAZYNESS!
My Nova should be about 15.7 inches long now, and she weighs almost 3 pounds about the size of a head of cabbage. 

My baby is a mover it sometimes feels nonstop. It is amazing watching my belly shape shift and feeling her head or bottom poking out my side just not so much at 11pm when I'm trying to sleep! Everything is looking great we were told she had a gorgeous heart and a ton of hair for a 28 week old i am now giddy for bows and hair flowers.
We have been collecting fun things for her room for awhile now and things are really starting to come together.

How far along? 30 weeks

Sleep: Not so much... my baby loves to "punch" my mattress when im on my side which keeps me up. Also my belly is big and getting bigger so sleep is getting harder

How am i feeling: I really have been feeling good a little tired here and there Nesting! Nesting! Nesting!

Total Weight Gain: 20 pounds - My maternity jeans are officially snug i can where them out and about but not if I want to sit down for long periods of time they cut into my belly :(

Food Cravings: Hmm more watermelon please!

Gender: GIRL

What i'm looking forward to: our childbirth classes start in a few weeks and i am very excited :)

Best moment this week: When Aaron calls her by name and she responds... its Awesome!

Milestone: I am at the beginning of my third trimester and time is flying by! A crib has been bought and nursery things are really coming together