Hello my name is...

:) okay - we'll admit the belly photo thing might be on the cheesy side...but we just couldnt help ourselves when we saw this idea on a baby blog ad long before we even found out we were expecting our little love bundle.

Nova Corinne is the name we have fallen just head over heels for....So we're making it official!

Nova \n(o)-va\ as a girl's name is pronounced NOH-VAH. It is of Latin origin, and the meaning of Nova is "new". Astronomy: a nova is a star that releases a tremendous burst of energy, becoming extraordinarily bright. Chevrolet used to make a small car called a "Nova".

Corinne \cor-inne\ as a girl's name is pronounced CORE-IN. Is a female name, and the English variant of Cora and/or Korinna. The meaning of Corinne is "Beautiful maiden".

We laugh at how we were so sure we wouldn't name baby girl 'til she was born. Aaron says "Pregnancy changes people!" oh boy, I wonder what parenthood does! :)


Deborah Moore said...

Oh I absolutely love it!! Love her name. Love the meaning. And love the pic! She's going to be beautiful!

♪essica said...

beautiful, creative name :)

Hannah Elizabeth said...

love it! yay! :D

lindsey brooke said...

haha "pregnancy changes people" :)

i love this breakdown of her name... a burst of energy! her and lucie will hang tight. :O)