So last night, we went campin'...

So a few weeks back, we invested in our first tent. We have big plans for the summer (shameless plug for our previous post, I know) and camping is one of those plans!

Well, to be honest - we got sick and tired of waiting. The Texas weather outside didn't really allow for "comfortable" camping, (and I'm not sure our apartment complex would let us setup a tent in the grassy area) so we went ahead and set that bad boy up in the apartment!

We didn't quite realize how large this thing was. It essentially took up every bit of real-estate in the living room. I had to bust out my super-wide angle lens to even get a shot of us with it.

Anyway - we picked up some Frosties, threw every blanket and pillow we have in the tent and started up the new episode of the Office. After that, some Scrubs, then Nina decided it was sleepytime. (She's taken my place in the family as the "time to go to bed..." person.)

The only thing this night was missing, was maybe some smores, but we'll be better prepared next time. Just wait!

Tent + Frosties + Puppy + The Office + Scrubs + A/C ......
You do the Math!


Melissa said...

How fun! :) That tent is HUGE!

Anonymous said...

I love it, how awesome. My boys would love doing that.