Summer 2009

"The Golden List"

"these are the best days of our lives!..... back in the summer of 2009"

This will be our first married summer, so we're gonna make it the best summer EVER!! ;)


Melissa said...

Sounds like quite the summer! :)

RYC: iHeartPhotos is a blog - click on the linky in my blog post - that has weekly contests with a new theme each week. Each contest is judged by a guest pro photographer. It's lots of fun and anyone can join. They also do other weekly posts... a tutorial, fix-it-friday, where they post an okay photo and then you can fix it and post a link of how you would have fixed it with a how to... and lots of other things. Anyway, you should jump in! It's fun. :)

Oh, and the vid of Cary is quite funny. That was such a fun weekend.

lindsey brooke said...

AMEN to sno-cones!!! brian and i layed in bed last night talking about sno-cones... how great it would be to get a blue coconut one right then! that's on the list for when i get home for sure... let's all go together!!!

oh, and i just caught up on your blog since the first post and got to see my first view or your new apartment! WOW!!! you guys are living in style! :) love it!
can't wait to see it for real!

and your dog is rather cute too, even though i don't much like dogs... she's not too hairy so maybe i will develop a nice auntie affection for her! ;)

Mrs. Tharpey said...

dear lindsey,

i <3 you.


Jamie said...

Amen to all the items on this list! Can we join you on pretty much everything except maybe the water balloons? And tight fits on rollecoasters...lol. Do you remember our Kemah adventure? hehe. Good times.

Mrs. Tharpey said...

YESS!! such fun! such fun to come! ;)

American Mum said...

Okay, you two sound awesome! Can I be your friends? And what a great fix on my picture! I love it and I'm so happy! You Photoshop genius, you!

Fresh Mommy said...

LOVE that list... what AWESOME summer plans! Enjoy every moment!!