Art Work Love

We've been scouring the Craft blogs and the wonderful world of Etsy for some killer art work to give Nova's room that extra pop of color 
Since art work is obviously not on our "needs list" We havent pulled the trigger on anything quite yet. I thought i would showcase a few of our faves.

We are finding more and more artwork a bit on the sarcastic playful side and these four are by far the most hilarious!

              Subliminal Baby Letterpress Art Print Series 

              From: Sycamore Street Press

Cause our daughter makes us happy and so does this color.
Happy Happy From: Farouche

Flower Power so she can be all hippyish :)
Love is All You Need 
From: Erin Jane Shop

Because this is just so much fun

Tutti Futti From: Keep Calm Gallery


My Sunshine From: Keep Calm Gallery

These hand stitched beauties have inspired me to try my own hand at some embroidery work. But we would totally love to purchase one or two.

Hand Stitched Happiness From: Moxiedoll

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