20 Weeks

Wahoo! We are half way there. Baby T. is due 9.12.11
We are so very happy and anxiously awaiting his/her arrival.

The baby world is big and a little overwhelming but we are doing our very best to learn as much we can on everything from childbirth and "parenting styles" to lovies and boppys ;)

How far along? 20 weeks

Sleep: Waking up at least once a night. I hear cutting back on water a few hours before should help but im the most thirsty at nights!

How am i feeling: GREAT! I had a little nausea in my first trimester but my biggest misery was horrible sinus problems. Im happy to report that they are almost totally a thing of the past. Now if i could just figure out how to squeeze a nap in at work.... :)

Food Cravings: PICKLES. I've always loved pickles, but lately i reeeeally love them trying not to indulge however not the healthiest of snacks.

Gender: ?

What i'm looking forward to: feeling my baby kick

Best moment so far: Hearing the hearbeat we have it recorded on our phones we listen to it often.

Milestone: Baby flutters in my tummy started 4.26.11 must have been around midnight or so. I may have felt it a few times before while leaning over on my belly but it was to quick to really tell.


♪essica said...

so, so adorable. I can't wait for all the tharpe-tastic baby pictures :)

lindsey brooke said...

sister, your hair looks AWESOME.......... !!!!!!!

oh, and the baby belly is great too! :O)

Marco said...