New little friend

Meet little Jovi...
We adopted her in early december on our way into PetsMart having no intention of getting another doggie. i told Aaron not to even think about it when i noticed the kennels and an adoption sign out front. When we got a little closer i noticed a puppy that looked exactly like our Nina puppy, only way tiny! And that was pretty much the end of it. we went over and picked her up and after talking with one of the workers we decided to take her home.

She's really sweet and shy, unlike Nina who is very hyper! She's a chihuahau mix and although they were not exactly sure what shes mixed with they've been calling her a chi-weinie (dachshund/chihuahua) either way we love her!

It took awhile for her Nina to get use to each other, but they are really becoming buds. 


Lindsay said...

I totally forgot you had a Nina. Hope you don't mind that we named our little sweetie the same!

And love little Jovi. Super cute.

Mrs. Tharpey said...

we love that name for puppies! Nina Grey is so cute :)