Hey there blogger world, it's the Tharpey's again! Did we forget about you for um...a year??

SORRY ABOUT THAT! Our "home computer" was tied up for a while with work related tasks, and we just couldn't find the time to put some thoughtful posts together. It's our bad though, and we can admit that. We're back in action now!

Well a few things have happened since last we talked....

- We bought a house (oh yah, you kinda already knew that...and thats kinda where we left you hangin', isnt it?) Well let me tell you, owning a home is some hard work! (especially when moving in right before the holidays last year...pretty sure thats even harder!) BUT, we did it and hosted our first Thanksgiving too. And though we didnt let anyone open our closets, our home was clean, and thanks to my husband, we are completely unpacked! (As of two weeks ago). We literally had four boxes left in the spare room full of mostly junk that took us FORRREVER to go through, and now we're organized and ready for a garage sale. :P 
Ahhh feels so good to be home!

- Had some major job switcheroos: ME (rachel) - the good Lord opened a door for me to work in an exciting, creative environment with some pretty crazy talented people over at 31Films, where I especially enjoy working side by side with my favorite dude (hubby). I was previously employed at the family business, Cornelius Contracting. I'm so very grateful for my time spent there and the things I learned! Basically being together as couple 24/7 has its challenges, but for the most part it's super FUN.

- We've done a bit of traveling from California to Cincinatti; our job has taken us to some fun and interesting places, and we are so grateful for things we get to do and the places we get visit :)

- - FOLSOM, CALIFORNIA: So we never realized the prison that good ol' Johnny Cash sings about was in....California?!? Does that make any sense? I pretty much dig all things Cash though, so we of course considered taking the tour of the prison, however watching the news one night during our 4 day stay in Cali, we discoverd a 250 person prison riot happened the very evening we arrived. We even saw the ambulances swoop by on our way to our hotel. The report was 13 injured and the riot occured during rec hour so um yah... no prison tours for us.. sorry Johnny. Aside from prison drama, I absolutely love the town of Folosm. Lots of charm, super cute, historic district, full of awesome shops. (and showcasing a breath taking view of folsom lake.) I'm adding it to the list of places I want to move to one day :)

pics of the beautiful folsom to follow...

- - CINCINATI, OHIO: Ok, so not exactly on our dream list of places to visit, but off we went to make wedding film magic ;) and stayed at a pretty ritzy hotel smack in the middle of down town Cinci. We did a bit a browsing on the streets, not to bad a place and we had the privledge of meeting up with some pretty awesome friends (Steve and Reagan Zegulter) who also happend to be in the wedding filmaker biz.

- Nina is still adorable. We did the yearly "Furry Friends" shoot with Clark Lara Photography, and he captured the little cutie pie....leash and all (since we can't trust her on her own)

Aside from all of that...we're having an incredibly exciting year. We're coming up on our 2 year wedding anniversary and our 1 year home owning anniversary. Tons of fun stuff happening for our family and friends, tons of adventures for us, and tons of learning and goal-setting in motion for us as well. We'll save it all for their own posts though. 

For now, it's good to be back. Hope the feelings are mutual :)

Much love,
the Tharpeys


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It's good to see you on here again :)thanks for the update.

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Welcome Back!!!

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