So we haven't been so great with the house updates....and we apologize
Here are some of the most recent details :)

Sidewalks are laid! (*lain?)
Bricks and Painted Siding all up!
(Driveway and walkway are actually down now too...)
All landscaping should be done this week!
Inside- All sheetrock/texture/paint/fixtures are up!
Cabinets and countertops installed! (waiting for backsplash)
Tile in bathrooms is down (and up)
Even sinks are in...

The rest of the flooring will be in sometime during the next two weeks.
Appliances have all been ordered too!

Me and Rach already shopping decor/fixtures and planning our "upgrade" work :)
We'll be hitting the hardware store soon to grab a few power tools so i can deck the place out! :) lol

We'll keep you updated, we swear!

-Aaron and Rachel


Cara's Jeans said...

If someone showed me pictures of all different houses in the making, I would choose this as your house... because it totally LOOKS like you guys!! haha But really, it looks beautiful and I can't wait to see it with my own eyes once you guys are all settled in. :)

lindsey brooke said...

yeehaw! this is too fun!

Jamie said...

how cool!
i browsed the store searching for the perfect housewarming gift, let us know what u need :)