Decor Idea #1

For Guest/Craft room:

Sooooo many decorating ideas floating around in the old noggin we've even started a journal to store them all, i thought id post a few here for some quick refrence....

i LOVE crafts and anything DIY really and since we'll have two extra unoccupied rooms for the time being i get to use one as a craft room! yee! :0

Found this "How to" over at Craftzine a crafty blog i often visit they have all kinds of great ideas
Vintage Spool Peg Racks

super cute eh?? :)
here are the step by step instructions should you get to feeling a little crafty yourself :)


Lindsay said...

super fun! i love it!

lindsey brooke said...

for me, i would like to make jello... inspired by magazine browsing at su casa........ where from many inspirations flow

Mrs. Tharpey said...

i looked at those jellos yesterday YUM! lets have a party for lucie when she comes and makes those yummy jellos!!

Anonymous said...

You know...I have an old sewing machine my grandmother gave me and it has tons of old spools (thread still attached). I think I'll make one of these for me and Lyndsey :) Thanks for the idea :)~ Aunt J

Mrs. Tharpey said...

sweeeet! let me know how they turn out send pics too!! :)

love ya!