Believe It or Not

So Ripley's Believe It or Not, with the incredible talented Dean Cain,
as seen below:

They were doing a piece about a "TV Loving Dog" who apparently is drawn to the TV any time it's on. The dog will sit, watch, and react. I didn't know this stuff was TV material....otherwise I would have sent this picture in a few months back. Little Nina could be a star...

Well, after making that deduction in my head, Nina walked into the living room and took it to another level.

Can't say I could have posed or timed this any better.

Needless to say...."I Believe It!"


lindsey brooke said...

what!!!!!! NO WAY!!!!!!!!!

Mr. Tharpey said...


Karen Batchman said...

That is hillarious!!!!!

Mama PC said...

too funny!

and here's a nickle

you can bring me 3 cents change when you come to see baby lucie :-)