some rules to live by

Buy only whats necessary / only what you can afford

Understand the difference between what you want and what u need

Discipline yourself and refuse to live carelessly

Get out of debt at all costs

Educate yourself in the Word of God

Time is short therefore spend your time wisely - with family and friends

Pastor gave us these "Rules to Live By" for these trying times. great advice, and what an awesome service we had yesterday... God is moving at the River... God is moving everywhere :)

So, if you havent already - set yourself up on a BUDGET. We decided early on that these were some rules we wanted our family to abide by. it can be difficult sometimes what with the temptations of "wordly goods" :) and all but we're stickin to it!

good day
-Sweet T.


Rose Red said...

Those are great rules to live by. The first one is the hardest for me.

You two are so cute!

lindsey brooke said...


Roxy said...

Love these rules, I'm gonna have to try to abide by these.. Thanks for sharing and I will have to share these too!