dear husband,

you made me lunch today! thanks so much your really somethin!

thanks for sleeping till the last possible minute with me... i really appreciate it.

thanks for feeling bad for sleeping till the last possible minute with me and making up new ways for us to get up early and maybe eat a well balanced breakfast one of these days.... :)

im proud of you for doing your crossfit again even tho im afraid of that place... very afraid...

im really thankful for how hard you work.. you work so very hard.

thanks for bursting into spontaneous song with me.

thanks for being responsible and paying our bills.

thanks for being irresponsible with me and staying up late and talking with me about things
i like our talks.

thanks for being a Godly man and seeking God's Will.

also your really funny.... to me ;).

i Love you.

your sweet T.

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Mr. Tharpey said...

oh...but it's my duty, pleasure, desire, and motivation in life to do these very things....