We've found one and we love it!...Tis a humble abode 3bdrms, 2bath, spacious living :) filled out the application and signed all the necessary papers to get the ball rolling on Thursday, we selected our very own LOT too a handsome corner lot it is with plenty of room for the pup to play! We find out this week if we've been approved if so we get to go to a fancy design studio and maybe even make some fancy selections Fun!- Lots of nervous feelings mostly excited ones tho! :)

any extra prayers you have would be greatly appreciated!! Wisdom and God's Will thats what we're praying for! :) :) :)

funny thing i think im mostly excited to have a backyard :) ive been reading this:

lately, and i want a garden sooooo badly oh to plant my very own carrots and herbs and strawberries!! other stuff too probly, but those are my faves :) id like to have some chickens one day too and a cow.... in due time tho, in due time


Deborah said...

How exciting! I'll be praying for you guys!! :)

lindsey brooke said...

mmm... strawberries and carrots! i'll be happy to enjoy any excess produce you may have left over when the time of abundance comes! :)

like you guys!