here comes the sun do da dee da

feeling soooooooo much better this morning still hurts to swallow but a whole 24 hrs without fever!! and im feeling good

**also took little nina pup to the vet and they gave her something for her tapworms shes doing fine now :)

so thankful for healing in Jesus name!
so thankful for a husband who prayed over me, constantly made me check my temperture, gave me cold towels when my fever was too high and gave me my medicine when it was time to take it :)
so thankful to be up and around again
so thankful that the rockets destroyed the blazers in game 1 of the playoffs
so thankful that when my throat is all better we're going to wunsche bros. to celebrate!! :)

thanks for all the well wishes everyone!


Melissa said...

I'm so glad you and Nina are on the mend! How very miserable! Enjoy your soon coming celebratory dinner! :)

Cara's Jeans said...

Yay for betterness!

Jamie said...

I never got your text reply, so I'm VERY GLAD you're better! Fried Chicken, Mashed potatoes and Coconut cream pie anyone? :)